Diablo Energy is a refreshing change from all the copy cat drinks in the market today. It has a clean refreshing taste that is easy to drink.
- Buzz Junky. (usa)
Diablo Energy is way more refreshing then Red Bull and completely natural, just what my trainer demands.
- John S. (Etobiko)
It only took three strips over four hours to bring my hangover to a halt. I'm normally dead to the world for the entire weekend!.
- Mary P. (Victoria)
I am a nurse and I work in the obstetrics department. I have to work 12 hour shifts and sometimes they are over night. I always have Diablo Energy Strips with me.
- Michelle R. (Brampton)
You can't beat the convenience of Diablo Energy Strips - carrying a tiny little package with you so that you can get your energy fix!
- Andreas Wirth (Germany)
Diablo’s bitter sweet Cranberry flavour allows it to taste great mixed with almost any liquor. Diablo is the best choice for mixed drinks.
- Jonathan R. (Toronto)
As a race car driver and an athlete, I try to give myself every edge I can get to compete. Diablo Energy is a big part of my training and race day routine.
- Brian Brown (Kansas City)
These things are great. I just take 1 at time every hour or so and they keep me focus and alert.
- James V. (Milton)
My wife took 3 strips as was suggested and she noticed a calming feeling within minutes. She can’t stop talking about them now.
- Mark L. (Springfield)
I got totally smashed last weekend , but I took a Diablo Detox strip every couple of hours throughout the night. I woke up for work the next day feeling better than I ever have after a night of drinking.
- Megan R. (Oakville)
I looked the botanical ingredients up online and I found out that they are good to use as an everyday detoxifier. I now take Diablo almost every day.
- Duane D. (Livonia)
I used to drink coffee or red bull, but the Diablo strips are easy for me to carry around with me anywhere, and they taste a whole lot better!
- David M.
With customers attending LAN parties that can last from several hours to several days long, the Diablo Strips’ portability and unique energy delivery system quickly became one of the most in demand caffeine products on our site!
- Xoxide.com (online)

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Diablo Energy Strips

Because of overwhelming response to Diablo Energy drink, we took its natural ingredients and cranberry flavour, added a splash of cool mint, put it onto a dissolvable film in a concentrated form, and created Diablo Energy strips.

Whether it�s a lengthy drive, an extra long workday, cramming for a test, or intense physical activity, Diablo Energy Strips are ideal for those times when you need an extra boost to keep you physically and mentally alert. Three strips give you the energy equivalent to drinking one Diablo Energy beverage. But because the energy strip is concentrated and absorbed through the mouth, the effects are delivered more quickly and effectively.

The active ingredients come from all natural botanicals, including Guarana, Ginseng, Cranberry Extract. It�s also sugar-, fat-, calorie-, carbohydrate-, and ephedrine-free. Diablo Energy strips are probably the fastest working energy system available. It energizes and stimulates like a caffeinated beverage does, but without the adverse side effects. That means, no more bad breath associated with drinking coffee. When you need a quick dose of lasting energy, melt 1 or 2 strips on your tongue and be instantly energized.

Want to buy a Box or Sampler Pack? Contact us to place an order or find a local retailer.

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