Diablo Energy is a refreshing change from all the copy cat drinks in the market today. It has a clean refreshing taste that is easy to drink.
- Buzz Junky. (usa)
Diablo Energy is way more refreshing then Red Bull and completely natural, just what my trainer demands.
- John S. (Etobiko)
It only took three strips over four hours to bring my hangover to a halt. I'm normally dead to the world for the entire weekend!.
- Mary P. (Victoria)
I am a nurse and I work in the obstetrics department. I have to work 12 hour shifts and sometimes they are over night. I always have Diablo Energy Strips with me.
- Michelle R. (Brampton)
You can't beat the convenience of Diablo Energy Strips - carrying a tiny little package with you so that you can get your energy fix!
- Andreas Wirth (Germany)
Diablo’s bitter sweet Cranberry flavour allows it to taste great mixed with almost any liquor. Diablo is the best choice for mixed drinks.
- Jonathan R. (Toronto)
As a race car driver and an athlete, I try to give myself every edge I can get to compete. Diablo Energy is a big part of my training and race day routine.
- Brian Brown (Kansas City)
These things are great. I just take 1 at time every hour or so and they keep me focus and alert.
- James V. (Milton)
My wife took 3 strips as was suggested and she noticed a calming feeling within minutes. She can’t stop talking about them now.
- Mark L. (Springfield)
I got totally smashed last weekend , but I took a Diablo Detox strip every couple of hours throughout the night. I woke up for work the next day feeling better than I ever have after a night of drinking.
- Megan R. (Oakville)
I looked the botanical ingredients up online and I found out that they are good to use as an everyday detoxifier. I now take Diablo almost every day.
- Duane D. (Livonia)
I used to drink coffee or red bull, but the Diablo strips are easy for me to carry around with me anywhere, and they taste a whole lot better!
- David M.
With customers attending LAN parties that can last from several hours to several days long, the Diablo Strips’ portability and unique energy delivery system quickly became one of the most in demand caffeine products on our site!
- Xoxide.com (online)

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Diablo made a deal with a Leprechaun
Diablo’s eyes are smiling because we are now officially available at *Area51*, in St. Cork, Ireland
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Wet and Wild after the Toronto GP!
If you thought the Grand Prix of Toronto was WET & WILD, you should of been at Century Room after the big Race.
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Welcome to the Diablo Nation

With so much attention, today, on what we eat, how we work, and how little free time we have it is no wonder everyone is feeling rundown, stressed out and completely confused. Well the Diablo Nation is your refuge. Diablo Functional Products help those in need to get through their grueling days. Formulated to be leaders in the nutraceutical market, Diablo products are created from natural botanicals and utilize innovative delivery methods. Diablo Energy will help you with everything form studying to long drives and workouts to late nights. If you like to drink alcohol or just eat too much fast food then Diablo Detox can help you. Using Diablo Detox daily is great to help you body in the fight against toxins or just use it to help curb a hangover. Stress seems to be unavoidable in today’s fast pace, so when you feel stress and anxiety you should use Diablo Relax. Not only will it get rid of the signs of stress, but you will also start to get feelings of euphoria. Regular use of Diablo Relax will even help boost your overall well-being give you a more relaxed state of mind. Try Diablo Functional Products today and take back control, naturally.

Unlike most synthetically produced stimulants and supplements, Diablo is made with natural ingredients, giving your body the added nutrients it needs without the chemicals it doesn’t. Diablo products have been developed to perform as a leader in the neutraceuticals category.

Check back often for exciting new products, promotions and upcoming events, because you never know what Diablo will do next.

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